Work in Progress - Two views from Lucca participants

"Who would not wish to stay at the Villa Boccella given half a chance? Perhaps, if the company were really poor quality it wouldn’t be much fun. But the Teachers’ conference provided outstanding company in an outstanding environment. The week was nicely balanced, being relaxed on the one hand, with three hours of free time each afternoon during the hot siesta period, but also providing excellent content that ranged from being practical, to being learned and thought-provoking, to spiritually-uplifting. The morning contemplation periods were a luxury. With the theme of the conference in mind - The object of education is to teach us to love what is beautiful - we were introduced to a piece of sacred artwork, and then free to leave the room and reflect on material of our choice. The peace and understanding, which arose during these sessions, seemed to be imbued with the magic of Tuscany.

From the sublime to the humorous were the Sanskrit immersion conversation sessions for the Sanskrit group. Possibly, there was some anxiety around this exercise, as prior to the session, group members could be found muttering important Sanskrit phrases such as: “I get up from bed at 5.30.” I particularly enjoyed the skill and knowledge held by tutors and many participants, and the generosity with which it was offered. Within the Sanskrit group there were years of combined study and experience, and in teaching us, Warwick Jessup masterfully demonstrated how to teach a diverse range of students. He left me with a lasting sense of the perfection of the Sanskrit language.

The conference provided me with a newfound collegiality with excellent people around the world associated with the St James’ schools. I think it is rare to find within a group, so many people I would happily have as good friends, as I did on this occasion.”

Dawn Roscoe, Ficino School, Auckland

Another teacher was inspired to write this after only three days…

“A beautiful third day unfolds before our eyes. The ERT conference at Lucca led by Mr. Paul Moss is truly an amazing experience. To be part of the silences, the solitudes, the quietness is amazing. To enjoy such pleasurable moments of inner quiet is one thing , but to experience the same with a group of 75 likeminded people together is another story altogether. The synergy is amazing and the flow of energy is full and fast. Thank you for such a wonderful experience. I am so happy and proud that most people around here, from the British to the Americans, have embraced and found the best things from all the cultures of the world - it is quite a reaction from me to see most of them speak and understand Sanskrit and have studied our Indian scriptures in depth and found the true meaning that it is supposed to provide to every reader. To transcend boundaries and to pick the best and arrange a basket of them and gift it to the kids would be the best possible thing that could be done in one’s lifetime. Cheers for doing that.

Choosing Sacred Geometry as the subject of my study would be the best possible that had happened to me. I have finally found something that could be my career .I was always interested in the logistics, interiors, space, colours & design. But I was not aware of the fact that geometry was the point at which all would come together. Mr. Bree is amazing with his in depth knowledge of the subject with an equal inner distance covered into his soul. He blends geometry with spirituality effortlessly like the waves that wash onto the shore. It’s so full of life and meaning that it can truly be called sacred geometry. And to meet amazing people from around the globe who share the same thoughts and do their best for the kids and mankind as a whole. Here I have found a set of people who have found their inner purpose of life, working to get it right. Thanks a ton for your amazing company.”

Ashwini Ramanisankar, Buds & Blossoms School, Cuddalore, India